In 1989 twenty-six out of twenty-seven pilots from the Gdynia Port decided to establish a company independent form Gdynia Port Management. The Company's shareholders have been exclusively the pilots. The venture totally new then - was successfully completed and starting up from 1 October 1989 we have commenced the activities on our own account starting practically from zero.

As early as in 1990, urged by a dramatic rise of prices for the transport of pilots to vessels, the Company bought its first pilot boat (PILOT-4). The pilot boat called "Grand Mother" for her advanced age bravely served the Company for eight years. Recently the boat has been given to scout-boys and serves in training the young sea dogs at the Centre for Marine Education of the Polish Scouts Association in Gdynia.

Another Company's pilot boat (PILOT-5) was built in 1991 in Norway and the latest purchase (PILOT-3), which can operate also under the ice conditions was built in 1998 in Finland.

Our Company's pilots are professionals of highest marine qualifications who recognise their employment as the peak of their marine careers. They have been permanently upgrading their competence by participating in the training courses, conferences and membership in the international pilots' associations (such as IMPA and EMPA).

Implemented Quality Management System Standard in compliance with ISO 9001 upgrading the standards of our services for better satisfaction of our contractors and partners.

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